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Who am I?

Michele Boldoni, Character Rigger

I was born in 1982. I live in Rome, now.

I have been through several jobs, and experiences, that have led me to find a job that has become my biggest passion.

I make 3D Animation Movies.

Even though I've always wanted to be a basketball champion.

  • Rigging Supervisor at RAINBOW CGI
  • Mocap Technician at RAINBOW CGI
  • Rigging Teacher at RAINBOW ACADEMY

What's my Job?

I am a Rigger. I create the body structures that allow Animators to bring characters to life.

I use deformers to create real-life deformations of the skin, hairs, cloths, as well as facial exspressions of the puppets.

I studied crowd system and I work with MEL/Python language to develope useful animation and rigging scripts.

I had experience as a Lighter, Visual Effects artist, Mocap Developer and Technician and Finishing artist on different productions.

I'm also familiar with Motion Graphic. I have my way with Modeling, Animation, Rendering, VFX and Compositing. But first of all, above all, I'm a Rigger. And there is nothing I like to do better.

What did I do?

  • 2015: Motion Capture Showreel
  • 2015: Hi-Zev
  • 2015: Winx Club Ricette a Colori
  • 2015: Mia and Me 2
  • 2014: Winx Club: Il Mistero degli Abissi
  • 2014: Winx Club Tv6
  • 2013: Winx Club Tv5
  • 2012: Gladiatori di Roma
  • 2012: Com'e' Bello Far l'Amore
  • 2012: Huntik Dark Ride 5D
  • 2011: Gazzatoons
  • 2011: Defective BigBot
  • 2010: Paper Plane
  • 2009: Pet Pals


Winx Club: Il Mistero degli Abissi Gladiatori di Roma Com'e' Bello Far l'Amore


Mia and Me 2 WinxClubTv6 WinxClubTv5 GazzaToons


Sushido Defective BigBot Paper Plane Pet Pals


Motion Capture Showreel 2015 Rainbow CGI Animation Reel Character's Rigs from Gladiatori di Roma RainbowAcademy


Motion Capture Showreel 2015 Backstage Orgue Character Gaming Test Backstage Mocap for Milestone


Hi-Zev Winx Club Ricette HuntikDarkRide5D