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Who am I?

Michele Boldoni, Character Rigger

I was born in 1982. I live in Rome, now.

I have been through several jobs, and experiences, that have led me to find a job that has become my biggest passion.

I make 3D Animation Movies.

Even though I've always wanted to be a basketball champion.

  • I'm currently working at Rainbow CGI (Character Rigging, Lighting)
  • I teach rigging at Rainbow Academy
  • I've worked in the full CG animated film "Gladiatori di Roma"
  • I've worked in the full CG series "WinxClubTv5"
  • I've worked in the web series "Gazzatoons"
  • I've worked in the short film "Defective BigBot"
  • I've worked in the short film "Paper Plane"
  • I've worked in the short film "Pet Pals"
  • I've always done Graphic Computer

What's my Job?

I am a Rigger. I create the body structures that allow Animators to bring characters

to life.

I use deformers to create real-life deformations of the skin, hairs, cloths,

as well as facial exspressions of the puppets. I studied crowd system and I work with MEL/Python language to develope useful animation and rigging scripts.

I had experience as a lighter, visual effects artist and finishing artist on different productions.

I'm also familiar with Motion Graphic. I have my way with Modeling, Animation, Rendering, VFX and Compositing. But first of all, above all, I'm a Rigger. And there is nothing I like to do better.